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Welcome to my web site. My name is Paul (Atkins) photo top left. I am a gunsmith and shooting instructor, I also take people out to Lithuania driven wild boar hunting. I have associations with other specialist professionals to enable us to provide a high standard of work or service. I endeavor to provide the type of service that I would expect and like to receive from other people.

I believe that service and advice should be professional, friendly offering support to clients and customer to meet their need, not based on a sales driven ethos. If a person wishes to purchase a shotgun, the questions are. What do they want it for, what experience do they have, what type of gun would they like, what price range have they have in mind and lastly, if they choose a gun, does it fit them?

Particularly if the person is buying their first gun, they want to buy it as soon as possible and go and try it out. This is normal and I think most of us could identify with that. However, if the gun is not right for the user, then all sorts of problems can occur, such as learning to shoot with a poorly fitted gun, bad habits and demoralisation can be the result. So I like to get it right first time.

As a gunsmith I service and repair shotguns, rifles and pistols (including Section 5) as part of my service. I want to provide the “Old Fashioned” gun shop type of service and treat every customer as an individual and try to meet their needs. I have been shooting since I was 14 years old and been indeed blessed with a wide range of opportunities and experiences in most firearms.

I personally enjoy shooting  with a variety of firearms, Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Black Powder firearms both reproduction and antique. I also hunt with muzzle loading shotguns and rifles.

I am a Fellow of the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors and offer training in section (2) Shotguns. Providing lessons for the clay shooter who is either a novice or a more experienced shot who has a problem. I also offer in the game season “on the peg” instruction to game shooters and will load if required.  I  am a qualified instructor with the National Rifle Shooting Association and teach both Rifle and Pistol Shooting. I Have a Further Education Teaching Certificate and am a qualified Risk Assessor with the Health and Safety Executive.

For those who are new to the sport, I can provide instruction and training in the use of the sporting rifles. The course will include, the law, types of rifle, caliber, safety, zeroing, sighting systems, the effects of elevation on range, the effect of wind and bullet placement.

I can offer training in reloading rifle and pistol caliber ammunition. Clients consider reloading for three main reasons. I can be can to save money as reloaded ammunition is less expensive than factory loads. It may be because the rifle shooting wishes to tune a load to suit their rifle or to explore another area in the sport as a hobby.

For those who are interested I take people out to Lithuania Hunting Wild Boar. For the inexperienced hunter instruction can be given and one to one accompaniment can be provided if required. Please contact me to discuss individual requirements.

Having worked professionally with people with physical disability in the past, I am always very keen to encourage disabled people to try shooting. The type of shooting that it is possible will depend on the individual and their physical limitations. If you are interested in exploring what may be possible please ask. As an example, depending on the discipline, it is possible to fire rifles and pistols indoors and from the sitting position E.g. a wheelchair.

If I can assist or be of some service please contact me by telephone or e-mail, details below. It is difficult to discuss over the phone or via e-mail questions of value, faults or cost of repairs when I can not see the firearm. Please appreciate that when requesting any repair work I have to advise the customer as to the options and the value of the firearm. In some cases to spend £500 on a serious repair, may be very reasonable if the firearm is worth £4500. If however it is only worth £350 you have to consider the economic viability of a repair.