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Air rifles and Pistols

Firearms Law and Legal requirements

The sale of any air gun, this means rifle or pistol, must be done by way of  a face to face transaction. Proof of ID is required that will show the purchaserís name age and address.  It is an offense for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase and air gun. Any person under the age of 18 can not carry an air gun, or ammunition in a public place unless accompanied by a person over the age of 21, even if the gun is covered by a gun sleeve. It is an offense for anyone between the age of 14 and 18 to shoot an air gun without the supervision of a person over the age of 21. It is also an offense for anyone under the age of 14 to own or hire an air gun. It is also an offense to shoot an air gun beyond the boundaries of private land, where you have been given permission to shoot. This applies to your own garden.

The air rifles and pistols listed below are available from our shop at Blackdown Hunting and Game. Repairs and servicing with in house gunsmith and licensed for sections (1) (2)+(5) We also stock other firearms, ammunition, nitro and black powder and accessories.               

The Address is 6 The Laurels, Flightway, Dunkeswell Devon. EX14 4RS                                                                                                                                                                                                        Telephone  01404 891867      E-mail

Please contact us with your requirements or pay us a visit. Closed Mon. Tue. Sun.

Spring Powered Air Rifles

The S M K  SX15 is an inexpensive air rifle that we believe offers good value for money as a first air rifle and an introduction to the sport for the young person. This air gun only comes in .177 only has a  break barrel cocking and loading system. This air rifle comes complete with a 3 -7x 20 scope.  As it only has a 13 inch pull it is just right for the smaller stature. Due to the size and weight it is much easier to handle and this is important when you are learning all about safety and how to use an air rifle responsibly.                                                                                                               

Our Price £80 . 00p

The S M K SYNXN is another good value for money air rifle at a budget price. It is in .177 and has a break barrel cocking and loading system with a synthetic stock and fiber optic sights. This is the next stage up from the SX15 and with the green and red optic open sights it teaches the user another skill in how to aim the rifle. You can also fit a scope to this rifle if you should wish.

 Our Price £80 . 00p

The S M K  X536 .22 under lever carbine is a very competitively  priced rifle and yet it offers very good value for money. we are surprised at some of the safety features for the price. When you pull the loading lever down there is also a release catch just behind the trigger that must be pressed before you can return the lever to its closed position. It also has a safety catch inside the trigger guard. It comes with open fiber optic sights and is more that powerful enough for hunting or plinking. It also has a scope rail should you wish to fit one.

Our Price £99 . 95p

The Hatsan Striker is an option to the S M K air rifles we have . This is a break barrel .22 Air rifle with a synthetic stock, fiber optic sights and auto safety catch. This rifle can be used for targets or plinking but it is an excellent rifle to use for hunting in the field. As with all Hatsan models  can be fitted with  scopes.

Our Price £150 . 00p

This Hatsan Striker is is the same specification as the previous synthetic one but has a wooded stock Still offering the same value at no extra cost.

Our Price £150 . 00p

 Pre-charged Air Rifles (PCP)

The Hatsan AT44 Tactical This is a new model of PCP for 2014 it is a special order as it has fully adjustable fiber optic open sights. A fully adjustable stock for length and comb height as well as 3 picatiny rails 2 on the side an(1) under the  forend position for bipod, lazer or lamp. You can also fit a scope or red dot sight. We have tested this rifle and find it accurate, fun, and can be used for target or hunting. Compared to other brands for quality and price it is a very serious market contender.

Our Price £395 . 00p

The Hatsan AT44-10 This was Hatsanís first PCP a wooded stocked rifle  with all you need to hit the mark. Fully auto safety is a really good feature particularly in the field. Unlike some air rifles it is a simple matter to put the safety catch back on if you choose not to take the shot. As with all other AT44ís it has a 200 bar cylinder giving consistent power for each shot. When this first came out, we used it under test conditions for shooting rabbits, it proved to be an excellent rifle for the field. Even so we have had a great deal of enjoyment and practice shooting at field targets. This rifle comes with fully adjustable fiber optic sights. It is also thread cut for a sound moderator and a scope rail should you wish to add one.

Our Price £410 . 00p

 Co2 Powered Air Rifles and Pistols

The XS78 is one of the first Co2 air rifles on the market. It is powered by two 12 gram Co2 disposable capsules placed back to back in the air chamber under the barrel. To charge the rifle you screw down the end cap which holds in the capsules charges the rifle. Loading is by a simple bolt action system and the safety catch is manually operated at the front of the trigger guard. The sites are of metal construction with adjustment on the back blade.

Our Price £109 . 00p

The Crossman Ratcatcher is a Co2 powered air pistol. This particular model has a 15 inch barrel and a shoulder stock. Although this design has been around for some time this is the latest revamp. The pistol is more than powerful enough to shoot rats at close range and is very reliable and accurate.

Our Price £199 .00p

Single Stroke Pneumatic Pistols

Another excellent value for money product by Beeman. This Beeman 2004 .177 single stroke pneumatic pistol with safety catch and fiber optic sights is a really good gun to shoot targets or plink with.

Our Price £69 .00p

4.5 mm Co2 Air Pistols

Made by Gletcher in Germany this Full Metal Construction military PO8 is a really fun pistol to shoot. It is charged by a 12 gram Co2 cylinder and fires 4.5mm steel BBs. The magazine capacity is 17 rounds.

Our Price £175 .00p

Made by Urmarex this PM Ultra Full Metal Construction Pistol fire 4.5mm steel BBs with Blow Back action. It can also be used single action, has a magazine capacity of 21 rounds and is powered by a single 12 gram Co2 capsule.

Our Price £145 .00p