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Blackdown Hunting and Game

Just as a reminder our shop address is 6 The laurels, Flightway, Dunkeswell, Devon. EX144 RS

Telephone 01404 891867                                     E-mail

As we have now been trading for three years at this location we thought it time to have a revamp and as part of this we have extended  our Classic, Obsolete and Antique firearm section. We thought our current customers and site browsers may be interested in our more recent acquisitions to our stock of classic Section (1) plus some more Antique and Obsolete caliber firearms. These will be of interest to the collector as no form of certification is required.


A Very nice English 4 barrel Pepperpot revolver in good mechanical condition.                  1095.00p

.32 RF Smith and Wesson No.2 Army Revolver                                                                                 895.00p

An excellent condition very tight pistol turnover barrel percussion pistol.                              995.00p

Colt percussion pocket pistol                                                                                                                  995.00p

Colt Army Revolver S/No. 145598 Dates to 1863 shooting grade bore                                  1995.00p

Remington .44  New Model Army S/No. 105679 Dates to Oct. 1864                                      1495.00p

Remington .44 New Model Army                                                                                                       1395.00p


1870 Rolling Block Rifle                                                                                                                             495.00p

11mm 71-84 Mauser Tube magazine                                                                                                  595.00p

45/577 Gahendra  Martini Henry Rifle                                                                                               495.00p

Project firearms

.577  1865 L A Co.  P53 muzzle loader. Bore is in reasonable condition with slight speckling. It has a crisp action but the front lock retaining screw missing, as is the top part of the back sight. The loading rod is also missing. There has been a repair to the toe of the stock that requires aesthetic attention to bring it up to a good standard. These guns when in complete shootable condition are the best P53s ever made and sell for 2000 plus.                                                                           550.00p

Section (1) Rifles

.762 Ishapore 2A/2A1 1966 (looks Like SMLE) Excellent shooting bore.                                 494.00p

.303 Lee speed bolt action sporting rifle  A Classic Game Rifle)                                                   595.00p

.303 No. 5 Jungle Carbine. Genuine not a cut down Very good bore.                                       795.00p

Section (1) Reprduction Muzzle loading Pistols

.44 Pieta Colt percussion revolver clean used condition                                                                150.00p

 .44 Uberi Remington percussion revolver target sights clean used condition.                     125.00p

.36 Colt Navy percussion revolver very clean (Brass Frame Southern Copy)                           95.00p 

.36 Colt Navy percussion revolver very clean (Steel Northern Copy)                                         95.00p

.44 Colt Walker percussion revolver very clean condition 60 grains BP Max                         150.00p

New Item only one left none at importers we had the last 3

.44 Uberti single action, percussion copy of the cattleman single action revolver. The cylinder is loaded out of frame with 209 shotgun primers it looks and fells like a center fire.              375.00p