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I provide a wide range of services to keep your gun in good working order, however basic care and cleaning by the owner not only maintains the shotgun, rifle, or pistol in a good safe-and-sound condition, but may also reduce the requirement for those unexpected repair bills. As with any piece of equipment basic care, maintenance and regular servicing also assists to maintain its value

I can offer a full annual service which will include stripping the firearm down, cleaning, inspecting, repairing or renewing any parts if required and giving a written detailed report on the condition of your firearm. 

A gun may look externally very clean but inside in may be very dry and rusty or have deposits of unburned powder and debris in the action. The bores of shotguns may look very clean but can have a thin coating of lead in the bores that can trap water and cause pitting.

I can supply sound moderators for air rifles, rim fire and center fire rifles. I can thread cut your rifle, or if you so wish, shorten the barrel and re-crown muzzles. Prepare shotguns for reproof and submit them to the Proof House in Birmingham or London for proof testing.