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The Wash Lincolonshire

The picture above was taken by the side of Lawyers Creek and shows my friend Robin’s double barreled hammer action 10 bore.

The picture above shows a typical gully that is forged out of the ground when the force of the tide rushes in and out. For those of you who know the area it is on the side of winkle run They make a very good natural place to hide particularly when using a small piece of camouflage net and some sticks or canes.

The picture right shows a very large creek. The more experienced fowler may know how to get across them but some of the mud is very deep and the inexperienced person should not attempt it. You will note the fowler in this photo is using a wadding stick to feel for the bottom of the creek. Some are very firm but others are extremely deep and soft mud.

This is where I first experienced real wildfowling, the Wash. For those of you have not seen it before, the picture top left is  of the sluice  at the end of Lawyer’s Creek looking from the land side, as you approach from Shep White’s car park. The picture bottom right is looking out to sea standing slightly to the right of the sluice gates and looking down the side of Lawyers Creek.

The picture above is of the main drain behind the sea wall looking inland and the water flows into it from the sluice gates. These pictures were taken in September and as you will note the grass is green and the sky is blue. The temperature is quite mild. In the winter it is a very different story as it can be exceptionally cold and bleak. Venturing out on to the marsh is not something you should do without being aware of the tide times.

Picture left might look like starlings but they are thousands of pink footed geese. It is the early part of the season and this group have possibly just come down. If you look at the  colours you will see how the sun has lit up the  wings as they turn. Some appear white and others black. Even at this distance the noise will be unmistakable. It gives ne goose fever just thinking about it.